Should You Stretch After An Ice Bath?

It is important to apply common sense and our own intelligence when doing anything. Reading online articles, blog posts, and academic textbooks can sure provide us with some generic information, inspiration, and good guide posts. But nothing can beat some sound common sense.

So with that begs the question: should you stretch after an ice bath?

The short answer is no; let us explain why.

What Is Stretching?

Physiopedia defines stretching as: "stretching is a physical exercise that requires putting a body part in a certain position that'll serve in the lengthening and elongation of the muscle or muscle group and thus enhance its flexibility and elasticity."

So essentially, it is the act of elongating a muscle or muscle groups to provide enhanced flexibility and range of movement. Furthermore, stretching also offers physiological benefits in terms of recovery, including: increasing blood flow aiding in recovery, reducing risk of physical injury through freer range of movement, relaxing the nervous system and calming one's emotions through the gentle and relaxed motion of it.

Why Stretch?

We stretch for many different reasons. One person might be trying to improve their flexibility for their support, another person might just be looking for a healthy way to calm down and relax, and the other might be doing so to aid in recovery after an intense physical workout. No matter the reason, we recognise that stretching offers myriad physical, mental, and emotional positives, of which we wish to reap the benefits from.



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