Embrace the Cold Discover the Power of Portable Ice Baths

Discover the Best Portable Ice Bath Options in Australia: Your Ideal Solution for Recovery and Relaxation. Enhance your post-workout recovery and rejuvenate effectively with our selection of portable ice baths, perfect for those looking to recover with ease and comfort.


    Reduces inflammation and accelerates muscle recovery post-workout.


    Stimulates blood vessels, enhancing overall cardiovascular health.


    Promotes endorphin production for a surge of positivity. A happy Australia.


    Stimulates immune system and increases white blood cell count. Healthy Australians.


    Portable Ice Baths regulates sleep cycle for deeper, more restful sleep.


    Boosts metabolic rate, aiding calorie burn and weight management. Aussie Ice Baths, your natural energy boost.

Australian-Owned Portable Ice Baths

Let's make portable ice baths great again Australia! Australia is known for its partying, drinking culture, and tom foolery.

Let's change that.

Let's be known for taking our wellness into our hands. Being a nation of conscious people who put the health and wellness of ourselves, and our fellow Australian's first.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to cough up extra cash for shipping my Aussie Ice Bath?

Free shipping on all orders Australia-wide! But if you are an impatient bugger and want express shipping on your Portable Ice Bath, then you will have to pay a little extra for that.

How long until my Portable Ice Bath lands on my doorstep?

Impatient to take the icy plunge? Hold tight, your Aussie Ice Bath will be with you within 3-5 business days. Ice Baths Australia, let's go!

What if I change my mind about my Aussie Ice Bath?

Cold feet (and not from the portable ice bath)? No worries, mate! We have a chilled-out 14-day return policy. Just take a squiz at our returns policy for all the details.

Will I fit in an Aussie Ice Bath if I'm the height of a pro basketball player?

Absolutely! Our portable ice baths aren't just refreshing, they're roomy too. They can comfortably accommodate individuals up to 6'5". So, whether you're as tall as a gum tree or closer to a wallaby, you're in for a comfortable icy dip!

Are Aussie Ice Baths easy to set up?

Not on our watch! We've made it easier than spreading Vegemite on toast. In fact, you'll have your Aussie Ice Bath ready in 3-5 minutes, faster than you can set up a camping swag!

Competitive powerlifter @ash.william.training

ASH WALSHE - 6'0" - 110 kg

  • "Had a good time in the Portable Ice Bath, feel very fresh and recovered. Would be very keen to keep doing it in the lead up to my nationals comp."

  • "Thought you might have needed to get a bigger bath."

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efl athlete @dylan.schneider.88

DYLAN SCHNEIDER - 6'2" - 93 kg

"Love using Aussie Ice Baths' tubs to take my training to the next level. I play competitive Australian Rules Football for Montrose Footy Club, alongside multiple gym sessions per week. Portable Ice Baths are essential to my recovery."

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mma athlete @ohnjoeday

JAKE MARLER - 5'11" - 70 kg

"After a long week of training, getting kicked, punched, battered and bruised, I always make sure I get in an ice bath, just to take the edge off, and I definitely notice it helps in a big way. Let's make Australian Ice Baths great again!"

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Strong, Resilient, Healthy: Cold.

Recover with one of our Premium Portable Ice Baths, save on costs with our freezer ice packs, or unleash your inner-nerd with our ice bath thermostat. Or if you're feeling indulgent, why not all three: portable ice bath and accessories?

Whichever way you want it, we are here to help. We want to make a stronger, healthier and more conscious Australia, and that starts with individual Australians.

We want portable ice baths in Australia to become the next big thing, the science is there, the proof is in the vegan-gluten-free-preservative-free-artificial-colours-and-flavours-free-pudding (haha), seriously though, the science is there, take a cost-effective step into good health with one of our portable ice baths for sale.

Happy bathing Australia!