Ice Bath Locations Melbourne

Ice Bath Locations Melbourne

Given we are specifically an ice bath retailer, and don't offer 'come and use' ice bath services, we thought we would do you the favour of listing a few well known, tried and tested ice bathing facilities around Melbourne. We're all about providing our customers with value, so on the small chance you might feel like visiting a facility works better for you, we'd at least like to point you in the right direction.

Aussie Ice Baths List of cool ice bath centres in Melbourne!

Enjoy our hand-curated list of various ice bath locations around Melbourne. Where we explore each location's:

  • Cost
  • Ice Bath Temperature
  • Ice Bath Setup
  • & any other special features!

Recovery Lab

Find a Lab - Richmond | Wellness and Recovery centre | Relaxation Therapy | Recovery  Lab

are a recovery centre franchise located in Richmond, Hampton, and Windsor. They offer a pretty simple set up there with a whole host of recovery related facilities such as infrared saunas, compression boots, and so forth. They appear to offer a pretty cool special where you can pay $50 to get unlimited access to all their recovery modalities for 5 days, sort of like a try before you buy thing.

With respect to the ice baths, they offer a 30 minute ice bath session for $25, and their ice baths sit at around 8-10°C. We personally think 30 minutes is more than enough for a solid ice bath session, hell, even 3 minutes can be hard enough as it is! 

If you want to check them out before buying your own, find them here at

  • $25 for 30 minutes
  • 8-10°C
  • Electronic freezer cooled ice baths
  • Cool introductory offer

Lars Ice Bath 

Island of Men Meetup with Lars Nilsson at his Ice Bath #islandofmen -  YouTube

Seems to be more of an eclectically ran centre. Lacking a real website but with a well endowed social media presence, it appears this facility offers ice bath sessions for customers at $50 for 30 minutes. We're not exactly sure what else they offer which justifies the double price point, but we're sure there is something cool no doubt!

You can find these guys on Instagram, which appears to be their best point of contact at @larsicebathinternational

  • $50 for 30 minutes
  • Traditional ice filled ice baths


My Recovery Lounge 

Sports Recovery Centre Port Melbourne - My Recovery Lounge

Located in the heart of the city in Port Melbourne, these guys seem to offer a pretty comprehensive service, we also like, how unlike the other recovery centres, these guys offer traditional saunas alongside the infrared ones! Call us old school, but we are much more a sucker for the traditional dry saunas.

Just a straight up ice bath here will set you back $30 for 30 minutes. They offer a whole heap of other packages here too which you can combine with saunas, and all their other recovery modalities.

You can find these guys at their website: Recovery Lounge

  • $30 for 30 minutes
  • Traditional saunas available!

Fluid Health Management

Fluid Health Port Melbourne | Myotherapy | Massage

Another recovery centre located in the heart of Melbourne, Port Melbourne. Gee, a trend we are noticing here is all these recovery/ice bath centres are located in the city/inner city suburbs, how about us folk in the outer burbs!

Fluid Health Management, unlike the other centres listed, offer hot and cold therapy in the form of cold (ice baths), and hot (hot baths). This is pretty cool as doing the hot and cold therapy with hot water can always have a really nice cosy effect that the saunas just can't capture. Furthermore, the guys over at fluid seem to offer a range of services in the form of massage, bowen therapy, and so forth.

I will say this though, to the Fluid Health Management team, you guys need to update your website, it is outdated and hard to navigate. With that being said, it looks like you can gain access to the hot and cold (ice) tubs for $25. Furthermore, if you want to add some sauna use in here, it's going to set the user back a further $25 ($50 all up).

You can find these guys at their website here

  • $25 for ice bath use
  • Ice baths and hot baths!
  • Massage!


Nimbus Co: A Leading Infrared Sauna Studio | Clearlight® Saunas |  Clearlight® Saunas

Ooh la la, this place seems a little fancy, nestled into the heart of Richmond, Nimbusco appears to accommodate to the more affluent crowd, and likewise, their prices are reflective.

You can snag up a 5 minute ice bath here for $20, which isn't too bad, although we hope you weren't planning to stay any longer. Alongside all this, they offer ice bath and sauna packages like all the other places.

You can find these guys and their fancy website here

  • $20 ice bath use
  • Fancy

Melbourne Ice Bath Locations Conclusion

With all that being said, we hope you guys appreciated our breakdown of the current ice bathing facilities located here in Melbourne. There are definitely a few gaps here in this market for any budding entrepreneurs out there.

If however, maybe going in to a facility every time you want to use an ice bath isn't for you, then try out one of our super popular, cheap and easy to use portable ice baths below!

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